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Why is Mortgage Insurance very much needed?

For most of us in Singapore, owning a property is the largest commitment.

This is due to the large housing loan we take up to finance the monthly housing instalment.

Have you ever thought what if something unfortunate happened to you?

Such as death, disability or a dread disease like cancer or heart attack.

As a result, the surviving loved ones would have to take over the housing loan payments and carry the financial burden.

If finances are not well planned, the surviving loved ones may have to sell away the property.

That is why Mortgage Insurance is very much needed as they offer lump sum payment to pay off the housing loan when such unfortunate events happen.

Now that you have taken up your housing loan successfully, you should get your home loan covered from as LOW as $2 a day for as much as $1,000,000.00!

Get a FREE quote from our partnering financial advisor and save on your monthly insurance payments and a better coverage!

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