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Mortgage Academy” is a Training Regime Set Up by the Directors of Mortgage Consultancy, with the Objective to Empower our Mortgage Brokers & Asset Strategists with the Latest Updated Knowledge and Skill Sets.


Our Directors were Professionals Like Bankers, Real Estate Directors, Investment and Financial Advisers and Strong Believers in Walking Through the Ground with their Mortgage Brokers and Asset Strategists.

Whether you are New or a Veteran to the Mortgage Planning Business, We have Courses Catered to your Level of Experience.

In Order to Stay Competitive in this Fast Moving Industry, We Believe in Continuing Education and Constant Learning for All our Mortgage Brokers and Asset Strategists so That They can Deliver Only the Best to their Clients. All our Courses are FREE for All our Staff and are FULLY SUBSIDIZED by Mortgage Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Mortgage Academy Series of Development Training Programs


Expert Presentation Workshop
With more than 15 years of track record in sales individually, all our trainers come together to impart their presentation techniques through role playing sessions. The workshop is conducted in an interactive manner where all participants will have the chance to practice on what they have learned. These set of practical skills will further equip our consultants to handle objections confidently posed by their prospects.
Usual Price: $499.00           

Price for our Consultants: FREE!!



Consultant Partnering Program
For fellow rookies or those who are new to sales, fret no more! This is a hand holding program specially designed for all our newly joined consultants. This partnering program allows our newly joined consultants to approach our appointed trainers to accompany them to the sales presentation appointments with their first few clients! This methodology has proven to accelerate our new rookies” learning curve and pick up the required skills from our appointed trainers during “live” presentation sessions with their clients.
Price for our Consultants: FREE!!


Sales Guerrilla Program

Get ready for a 2 full day mind blowing program which will elevate your career to the greater heights. Whether you are a rookie or veteran in the mortgage brokerage industry, there’s always some new insights for you to take back.
Usual Price: $899.00    Price for our Consultants: FREE!!


Meet Our Mortgage Mentor Session
This 2 hour sharing session by our top producers is held regularly on a monthly basis. Participants will be able to learn from and interact with the cream of the crop on their sales techniques and knowledge.
Usual Price: $299.00
Price for our Consultants: FREE!!

Here's 10 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS (USP) on why you should embark a CAREER with Mortgage Consultancy:

1) Earn a minimum of S$500.00 in COMMISSION for every 20 minute appointment!

2) $0 entry fee required!

3) NO exams required!

4) Allows you to start your Career IMMEDIATELY!

5) FREE training Provided.

6) Full or part time basis option.

7) Career progression option to management level.

8) ADDITIONAL CASH Incentives for our top performers.

9) Our office support located near to Tanjong Pagar MRT station at $0 RENTAL COST to you.

10) Regular team activities to ensure that you will never have to work alone!

We want you to SUCCEED with us!

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