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Tips by Our Mortgage Brokers/Asset Strategists for Home Loan Singapore


1)  Will I be Getting the Same Package Benefits from your Mortgage Brokers/Asset Strategists Comparing to if I Obtain a Housing Loan Directly from the Bank?


Yes, you will be receiving the same benefits as what you will be receiving if you apply the housing loan Singapore/ house loan Singapore directly from the bank. Consultation by our mortgage brokers will be free as the bank remunerates us as a form of referral fee if the client decides to take up the housing loan in Singapore upon approval from the bank


2)  What are the Extra Value Added Services You can Provide?


By engaging the services from our mortgage brokers/asset strategists, you will save the hassle and time from visiting every bank to gather Information about the packages and rates offered by them.

During your 1-to-1 consultation, our mortgage brokers/asset strategists will understand your needs and expectations and help you in comparison of housing loans offered by various banks in Singapore. In addition, as a form of after sales service, we believe in staying connected with our existing clients and they can continue to receive latest updates on mortgage news, a FREE review on their existing housing loan every few years, privilege to be invited to participate in our “Client Loyalty Rewards Plan” etc. In Mortgage Consultancy, we have a dedicated research team spending several hours daily to gather the latest changes and updates of rates and packages offered by various banks in Singapore.

3)  What Options do I have if There is an Increase in Interest Rates from the Bank after the Fixed Rate Period for my Existing Housing Loan Package is Due?


Home owners can approach our mortgage brokers/asset strategists to compare rates & packages among various banks few months before the lock-In period for their existing home loan package is up. By doing so, home owners can have ample time for the preparation of refinancing/repricing process(if need to) and thus saving them hundreds and thousands of dollars


4)  What Happens if the Bank does not Allow Repricing in Future?


The client can choose to refinance their existing home loan Singapore package to another bank which offers a more competitive rate. Our mortgage brokers & asset strategists will give you their unbiased advice on whether Its worthwhile to make the move as there will be other considering factor like mortgage Insurance due to age & health conditions, costs Incurred by banks etc.


5)  What are the Requirements to Get a Better Credit Rating Score during the Mortgage Application Process?


You must always pay your bills such as credit cards, personal home loan Singapore from banks on time to maintain a good credit rating in the credit bureau. In order to enhance your chances of getting your housing loan approved, you may like to reduce your liabilities. For example, to pay off some of the personal loans if it’s possible. Other factors like income and age will also be taken into consideration.


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