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What is “Client Loyalty Rewards Plan” All About?


“Client Loyalty Rewards Plan” is a Marketing Plan Initiated by Mortgage Consultancy Pte Ltd.

The Plan Recognizes our Valued and Loyal Customers who Refer their Friends or People to Us Whom They have Benefited from our Services.

As a Form of Appreciation, Mortgage Consultancy Rewards Incentives to These Valued and Loyal Customers.

Mortgage Consultancy Recognizes the Need to have a Good, Honest Marketing Plan in Order to Stay Competitive. And We are Committed to Add Value to our Customers with New Initiatives and Innovations.

How Does It Work?

Every Customer of Mortgage Consultancy Pte Ltd is Invited to Participate in our “Client Loyalty Rewards Plan”.

For More Information on How You and Your Friends can Benefit from this Plan, You may Like to Contact your Mortgage Broker/Asset Strategist Or Send SMS to our Hotline at +65 8556 5271.

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