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Before you even commence on your housing plans, this is ONE VERY IMPORTANT question you should be asking.

Should I take up a housing loan from HDB or bank?

Just like the normal Singaporean, here are some of the consideration factors that most of us may have thought of...

• Is HDB loan interest rate really GUARANTEED and deem as a safe haven?

• If I am going to take up a HDB loan for the second or more time, how would this affect the amount of cash I will take back from the intended sale of my current HDB flat?

• Can I still use my CPF funds to pay for bank loan housing instalment?

• Between HDB and bank loan, what’s the difference in monthly instalment and interest savings?

• Is it true that a single household can acquire 2 and more properties at a maximum 75%-80% property loan?

Allow us to share with you a way to look at this in a total different perspective.

With the right financing strategy, this can help you SAVE $100,000 - $300,000.

To find out more, simply click the button below.

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