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The Best Well-Kept SECRETS to Sell Your Property FAST and at HIGH Price! (Part 1)

1) Improve The Appeal Of Your House Before Showing!

First impression counts! The most basic thing to do is to clear unwanted clutter from your house. A messy house makes the place looks small.

Neutralise your home. Make your home like a piece of blank canvas that any buyer can visualise painting their own dreams upon. Remove quirky display items and loud paint colours. Painting the walls white works all the time!

Keep away food and all items that cause smell. For those who place altars at home, do try to avoid viewings when you are burning incense or joss sticks. Using an essential oil burner during viewing helps! Lavender oil or lemongrass oil are usually popular choices. Always ensure the floor is free from dirt and dust and especially oil stains! A sticky or dusty floor is a huge turn-off!

2) Taking good pictures!

The picture was taken with the photographer back facing the bright background of the scenery, using the “pano” function of the camera and clutter was removed before pictures were taken

Before taking any pictures, on all the lights first! Avoid taking pictures against bright backgrounds as it will only make the pictures look dark. Place your camera near your foot and tilt the camera upwards. The house will look bigger in the pictures. If you want the house to look even bigger, you can use the "pano" function in your camera to take pictures.

3) Pricing Your Property!

Understanding the attributes of your home and knowing the transacted prices in your neighbourhood with reference to similar flat types would allow you to be able to price your home realistically.

Is Edgeprop or SRX X-Value an accurate gauge of the valuation of your property?

Definition as per SRX website: “X-ValueTM is a computer-generated appraisal of a home's market value. Developed with government and private funding, it sources from the nation's most comprehensive property database and instantaneously calculates a single value for every home using best practices methodologies, including comparable market analysis.”

The X-Value uses the comparable market analysis, which is what most if not all, valuers use to assess the valuation of a property. However, it should always be used as a guide only as the X-Value won't be able to tell whether your property has a premium facing, or whether your landed property is a two storey or three storey built up space, or whether your property was renovated two years ago at 1million dollars cost etc.!

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