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Should you opt in to Optional Component Scheme?

Optional Component Scheme (OCS) is an opt-in scheme offered by HDB which brings convenience for home buyers by offering several add-ons to the new BTO home. The cost of the additional add-ons will be added on to the flat price.

Key considerations

Before moving on to the estimated cost and available add-ons, let us share with you some considerations that you should think through before making opting in for OCS.

1. Duration of stay

If you have plans to upgrade to a bigger home after fulfilling the Minimum Occupation

Period (MOP) of 5 years, OCS is very suitable for you. It creates a livable space with

the necessary amenities while keeping the renovation cost affordable.

2. Will your design and style remain constant throughout the years?

OCS is only applicable for BTO flats. Simply put, it will take 3 to 5 years before you can

move into your new home physically. When selecting the design of your add-ons, your

taste of it might change over the next few years.

This might lead you to engage a professional to remove the add-ons and subsequently

re-design your home according to your current style.

3. Are you willing to accept average quality items?

A reason why OCS is affordable is its average quality of items. As the saying goes,

“you pay for what you get”. You should not expect to get detailed floor prints or a

shower set with numerous functions.

Though the quality of items might not be great, it still serves their basic functions.

*Only for 3-room, 4-3oom, 5-room, and 3Gen flats.

**Only for short-lease 2-room flexi flats.

Short-lease 2-room flexi flats are for the elderly, thus the OCS for such flats comes with elderly-friendly components.

With these costs in mind, you might be thinking if it would be “better” to find an interior design (ID) to do the renovation of your home. Though the prices might be comparable or slightly more expensive, opt-ing in to the OCS is extremely easy while it will take some time to find an ID and to sit down to share with him/her your ideal home.

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