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Partnership Excellence Award - MayBank

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Partnership Excellence Award

Mortgage Consultancy is your Preferred One Stop Mortgage Solution.

Our Team of Dedicated Mortgage Planners and Asset Strategists Comprises of Professionals who were Bankers, Real Estate Directors, Investment and Financial Advisers.

With our Vast Experience & Proven Track Record, our Objective is to Compare the Best Rates Offered by Various Banks in Singapore which Best Suit the Client’s Mortgage Needs and Expectations. Hence, the Advice Offered by our Mortgage Planners & Asset Strategists is Independent and Unbiased as They are Not Tied Down by Any Banks. By Engaging our Services, This has Proven to be Very Cost Effective and a lot of Time Saved for Home Owners.

Our 45 Minute Comprehensive Consultation with our Mortgage Planners & Asset Strategists is FREE for Home Owners. We are Only Being Paid Directly from Banks in the Event if the Client Decides to Take Up the Proposed Housing Loan Offer from the Bank.

Many Clients have Entrusted their Mortgage Matters to Us which Include Seeking for Approval in Principle (AIP) before Committing into Any Sales and Purchase Agreement with the Property Seller/Developer, Refinancing of their Existing Property Loans for Existing Property Owners, Equity Term Loans for Existing Property Owners to Cash Out Liquid Cash Without Selling their Existing Properties etc.

Our latest achievement and recognition includes “Top Mortgage Loan Partner in Maybank Partnership Excellence Award” for the period of January to July 2017. Mortgage Consultancy’s insights and inputs have been greatly sought after and is also a guest writer contributor for investment journals such as Singapore Business review.

Mortgage Consultancy, The Preferred Working Partner for your One Stop Solution for Housing Mortgage!

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