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How can Private Property Owners Unlock CASH WITHOUT Selling Their Property?

If you are looking at a large sum of money for some reasons such as funding your child overseas education, business expansion etc, you may like to explore Equity Term Loan.

So what exactly is this bank facility?

For private property owners, you may use the equity of your property as collateral. Hence, if your property value has risen over the years, an equity term loan maybe a good alternative to borrow some money at a low interest rate from 1%+ to 2%, which follows the your main home loan interest rate!

Equity term loan allows you to stretch your loan tenure to as Long as 75 year old, subject to approval. This allows your monthly instalment amount to be at a very affordable range and you cannot use your CPF funds to pay for the monthly instalments. Equity term loan application is subject to TDSR(Total Debt Servicing Ratio) and other credit checks.

HDB flat owners are not eligible for equity term loans. For Executive Condominium(EC) owners, you have to wait till end of 5 year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) before you can consider this option.

For the best property loan and equity term loan rates, talk to any of our consultants now.

Our friendly hotline at + 65 85565271.

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