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Finding the Best Property Agent

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

For most people in Singapore, buying and selling a property is one of their biggest lifetime decisions.

Here are 5 consideration factors to look out for at during your property agent selection:

1) Request for his past transaction works and testimonials from customers.

2) The client’s interest always comes first. Is your property agent putting himself in your shoes?

3) A good property agent owes a duty of care to his client. One example is connecting his client to a reliable mortgage broker to have his home loan eligibility assessed before placing any option fee deposit on the property.

4) A competent property agent is a good multi tasker. As property transactions can take several months to complete, he must be able to follow through the client throughout the whole process from viewings, negotiation, planning, handover and inspection etc.

5) A responsible property agent helps to ensure that the client’s housing financial and timeline plan is being well taken care. After all, every home buyer and seller would want their property sale and purchase to be smooth sailing.

Mortgage Consultancy currently manages $900 million worth of retail mortgages for 2000 home owners. Hence, we work with only the best property agents in Singapore.

Contact us at +65 8556 5271 for a FREE quote consultation.

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