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10 Reasons on Engaging a Mortgage Broker

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Whether you are an existing property owner looking to refinance your home loan OR a property buyer and investor, a competent mortgage broker can be a great help on your property matters.

Here’s a wide range of services that we can offer and add value to you:

1) FREE consultation service for you! We are paid by banks directly for every successful loan application.

2) FREE comparison of up to date rates and packages from up to 16 banks in Singapore.

3) Independent and unbiased advice as we are not tied down by any banks.

4) We have fostered a strong working relationship with banks over the years. Hence, we know what the banks are looking out for.

5) Our mortgage consultants are well trained with years of experience in the banking and finance industry.

6) Say NO to tons of paperwork and leave this to us. We will ensure hassle free paperwork for you!

7) As part of after sales service, we provide FREE review and updates on your home loan matters in every 2 to 3 years!

8) Our mortgage consultants are mobile and we can meet you at your convenience!

9) We can be reached on Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm! We are just a phone call away!

10) Further value added service will include Creative Financing techniques which allows average home owners to own multiple properties, applying cash term loan from existing private property without having to sell etc!

With 3000 home and business owner owners and $1 Billion worth of mortgages under our care, customer satisfaction is our top priority!

SMS us at +65 8556 5271

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